Past Fairs

The Greenpeace Fairs have been going for over twenty years in the Waveney Valley. Originally, they took place in Wissett and then moved to St. Michael. Recently, Winter Fairs have taken place in Southwold.


Over the past 10 years Waveney Greenpeace has raised over £128,000 for UK Greenpeace. Waveney Greenpeace has also raised money by running a Cafe in the childrens’ area at Latitude Festival.


Waveney Greenpeace is the second highest fundraiser for UK Greenpeace behind Glastonbury music festival.

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  1. Nathan

    Hello, are you guys planning another summer/autumn fair in St Michael this 2013?

  2. syd

    Hi Nathan

    No, ‘fraid not. It just got too big for everyone… We tried Henham Park in 2011 but that didn’t work out either for various reasons. May have a few smaller events instead during the year but nothing definite yet.

  3. beverley

    Do you have a picture archive of past fairs?

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