Winter Fair 2013 Poster

The Waveney Greenpeace Winter Fair 2013 poster is out!

Winter Fair 2013 Poster

If you would like to put copies out where you live or in your window:

click here to download a larger PDF version of the Winter fair poster 2013 for printing.

Contact details for booking stalls, volunteering to help and performing are on the Contacts and Get Involved pages.

Thank you – and see you there!

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Winter Fair 2013


Waveney Green Peace Winter Fair

St. Edmunds Hall, SouthWold, Saturday 9th February 2013

Updated 4th December:

The next Waveney Greenpeace Winter Fair will be at the same venue as before, St. Edmunds Hall, Southwold, but a little earlier this year: Saturday 9th February 2013.

Contact details for booking stalls, volunteering to help and performing are on the Contacts and Get Involved pages.

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Winter Fair 2012 Press Release

Waveney Greenpeace Winter Fair

St.Edmunds Hall, Southwold

Saturday 25 February 2012

* Lineup updated

Waveney Green Peace Winter Fair

St. Edmunds Hall, SouthWold, Saturday 25 February 2012

The eighth annual Waveney Greenpeace Winter Fair is all set for Saturday 25February 2012.  It is a twin event with a daytime Fair taking place from 11am to 5:30pm and an evening Gig running from 7pm until 11:30pm.

The Fair will have stalls, live music, a raffle, green information, hot and cold organic food and drinks and a well stocked organic bar.  Children’s activities will be provided by Waveney Valley Woodcraft Folk.  Admission is by donation on the door.

New this year: Children’s (Green) Talent Show! There are prizes to be won… for more info see below.

Following on from the Winter Fair will be the Winter Gig and with the stalls gone there will be plenty of space for dancing to a range of bands. Full lineup TBC.  Food will continue to be served in the evening.  Tickets for the evening gig are £5 and are available on the door.


11:00 Banned from the community – Old time bluegrass
11:45 Tsigayner  – Klezmer
12:30 Kids Talent Contest including Tutti Folk band
13:20 Heartbeat – Acapella, Vernon Rose – Singer
14:10 Hare’s breath – Folk
15:00 Twisted Routes – Celtic instrumental
15:45 Gracie – Singer Songwriter
16:15 The Pancakes – Idiosyncratic Blues
16:55 The Actor and the Peach
17:20 Raffle

17:30 Break

19:00 Steven Lay – Singer Songwriter
19:30 Gael Mosesson – Eclectic Boogie Folk
20:25 Swingball – East European and 30’s Jazz
21:30 The VagabandRock’n’Roll/Swing/Country/Ska
22:40 Solko – Rock/Soul/Funk/Jazz/Reggae
23:30 Close

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Looking back at 2011… and on to 2012!

Rainbow Warrior 3


Over the course of  2011 Waveney Greenpeace has raised £16,205 for Greenpeace UK. Over its lifetime the group has raised over £134,000.

As usual, the two fairs and the Latitude greenpeace tent were great successes along with a number of other fundraising activities including a green pancake day.

Rainbow Warrior III

In October we had the chance to see where some of the funds we’ve raised have gone as the new Rainbow Warrior III was moored in London and a group went to visit the ship. It was a fantastic day, queues of people, buzzing atmosphere, great photographs of greenpeaces history, not to mention a truly spectacular, state-of-the-art ship. This really reminded people what a truly worthy cause the group has been fundraising for over the years.

Waveney Greenpeace Summer FairSummer Fair

This year the summer fair was held at Henham Park, a new and exciting site in a beautiful location. Comments from people on the day suggested that we had succeeded in keeping that “Greenpeace Fair” atmosphere at Henham and it was a great day enjoyed by all.

My personal highlights were the Samba band, Swingboats (which I thought were great) and lots of fantastic and eclectic acoustic music. It was wonderful to have been part of creating such an event and I was humbled at the amount of work, energy and passion that the group has put in over the many years of creating the greenpeace fairs.

Sadly, the summer fair will not be taking place at Henham this year. It is therefore homeless once again…



Liquid DnB Fundraiser flyer

Saturday 14th January @ Geldeston Locks

Winter Fair

The Winter Fair will be taking place on Saturday 25th February, St. Edmund’s hall, Southwold. For more info see the Winter Fair press release.

Summer Fair

There won’t be a summer fair as we know it this year because of a lack of suitable sites. However, we will be hosting a Summer fete and maintaining as much of the Summer fair’s awesome vibe as possible. We’re also working on some ideas for a variety of fundraising events during the year.

Hopefully, the Waveney Greenpeace Summer Fair  will return next year. Please get in contact with Eloise if you have any suggestions of suitable site (10 acres, including parking and suitable road access).

Fundraising Events

The first fundraising event of this year was a dance music night at the Geldeston Locks (facebook page).

There will also be a repeat of last year’s very successful Pancake day fundraiser on February 21st 2012. We’ll be posting details fo all out upcoming events on the website.


Can you cycle 1000 miles this year for Greenpeace?

Sponsorship Challenge

Waveney Greenpeace member Marion has posed the 1000 mile cycle challenge for 2012. Her goal is to get people to sponsor her to give up her car and cycle at least 1000 miles this year. She’s looking for others to join her!

If you’d like to take up the 1000 mile challenge, head on over to and create your own fund raising page or print out a copy of the paper sponsorship form.

More info: 1000 mile cycle challenge

Other ideas?

We are considering other ideas, such as a summer gig, auction of promises etc…

If you have any suggestions of  fundraising events you would like to see happen this year or would like to volunteer at Waveney Greenpeace events, please get in touch:

Your Name (required)

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Fundraising ideas

Your Message


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Challenge: Cycle 1000 miles this year


Can you cycle 1000 miles this year for Greenpeace?

Hi and Happy New Year! I have had an idea I hope you will like. It came out of a remark my son Joe made at the beginning of this year which he did not act on for various reasons… ‘I am going to cycle 1000 miles this year’

So this year we would like to launch the 1000 mile challenge – what do you think? On Tuesday when my bike shop opens I will buy my bike computer and make sure it works properly (I will record mileage in my notebook as well.) Then I am off….

If you’d like to take up the 1000 mile challenge, head on over to and create your own fund raising page or print out a copy of the paper sponsorship form.


For more info on the challenge or to tell us how you got on contact us here:


Your Name (required)

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1000 mile cycle challenge!

Your Message


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Rainbow Warrior 3!

Rainbow Warrior 3

Rainbow Warrior 3

It was wonderful coming past Canary Wharf and catching our first glimpse of the Rainbow Warrior. We managed to pose for some pictures outside in the fading daylight before meeting up with the Waveney gang and being welcomed by John Sauven and the captain. We felt really appreciated, especially when Issy Griffin introduced herself and said her own special thanks.

We were shown the boat by a couple of volunteers who had already done a long day, but they put up with all our questions and even sneaked us below to see the engine room and galley. Best was the excellent talk in the ‘control room’ which had a comfortably normal looking chart table and steering wheel among all the high tech controls.

We met up in the Gun with Richard Martin from HQ, over a drink and delicious canapés a la docklands like truffle risotto,  for another little discussion about future Waveney fund raising possibilities Whatever will we do next!!?


Rainbow Warrior page at Greenpeace HQ:

Guardian article on the Rainbow Warrior 3 with interactive tour:

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Waveney Greenpeace Dance Music Night at Geldeston Locks

Liquid DnB Fundraiser flyer

Saturday 14th January @ Geldeston Locks

Dance music night at Geldeston Locks in support of Greenpeace UK

  • Spacehopper
  • Rain.Bo! Selekta
  • Mark Frequency
  • Mr Nitro
  • Macca
  • Rouncey Rounce
  • Miss Dixie
  • Shroud

Hosted by Thunda MC and Sicka MC

£3 Entrance

For more info message Tom Abbott or call 07944 877896

All organisers, promoters, artists, sound and lighting, security, door staff, are donating 100% of their time and equipment to Waveney Greenpeace with love and respect.

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Summer Fair 2011

Summer Fair Poster 2011

Summer Fair Poster 2011

Press Release
Line-Up updated!
Getting to the Fair
Getting Involved

Press Release

The Greenpeace Fair is on! It will be taking place in a glorious new location at Henham park on Sunday 4th September from 11am to 11pm.

After our successful celebration gig last year the Greenpeace Fair, now in its 22nd year, is back in full swing.

The site, in Henham Park between Halesworth and Southwold, is an exciting space. Wide skies surrounded by mature trees and beautiful views of the lake, easily accessible from the A145 and the A12.


The Fair will feature three music stages: the big top with a range of amplified music, the acoustic stage, and our lively human dynamo stage where the sound system is powered by members of the audience riding an exercise bike! The music encompasses jazz, folk, blues, reggae, samba and much, much more. Read the rest of this entry »

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Tar Sands Campaign

BP rebranded themselves as ‘beyond petroleum’. And yet, in their search for new sources of oil, BP is about to make a decision on whether to invest billions of pounds into the Canadian tar sands – the dirtiest oil currently being produced. In doing so, they are not only threatening the Canadian wilderness, they are also threatening to accelerate dangerous climate change, at precisely the time we should be cutting carbon emissions.

Disaster for the Albertan wilderness and people

The tar sands are already the biggest industrial development anywhere on Earth, and also the biggest opencast mining operation.

The tar sands deposits of heavy oil mixed with clay and sand lie below the surface of the Canadian wilderness. To extract the tar, oil companies clearcut the Canadian boreal forest, gouge out hundreds of metres of topsoil, and turn the landscape into a gaping black pit. Two tonnes of earth has to be dug up and processed to produce each barrel of bitumen. The tar sands are producing 1.35 million barrels a day.

The huge lakes of toxic sludge that fill with the toxic water used in the operation are poisoning the Albertan landscape and water supplies. The impact falls heavily on the First Nations indigenous people of the area. George Poitras, a member of Mikisew Cree indigenous First Nation, says: “My people are dying, and we believe British companies are responsible … UK oil companies like BP … are extracting the dirtiest form of oil from our traditional lands, and we fear it is killing us.”

If the bitumen is too deep to be mined, the oil companies inject high-pressure steam into the ground, to blast the oil out of the sand and up to the surface. This is called ‘in-situ’ extraction, and as oil companies begin to go after the tar sands deposits that are deep underground, it’s lined up to be the extraction method of the future.

In-situ extraction doesn’t create the same enormous opencast pits, but to install the gas piping, roads and rigs it requires still means cutting a swathe through the Canadian boreal forest, destroying the habitat of many plants and animals, and driving many local wildlife species to extinction.

Disaster for the planet

It’s very carbon-intensive to produce oil from the tar sands. The site that BP is planning to invest in will produce about three times the emissions per barrel of oil than you would get from normal crude. The steam used in the extraction is produced by burning huge amounts of natural gas – in energy terms, it’s up to seven times less efficient to get oil from the tar sands than it is from normal crude.

On any rational assessment of what’s happening to the climate, there’s no way tar sands make any sense. This is the most polluting source of oil in existence. So how do BP square wanting to invest in tar sands with their claims to being committed to addressing climate change?

The answer is simple. BP are assuming that tackling climate change isn’t profitable. Their tar sands plans are based on projections of oil use that will cause a doubling of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere by the end of the century, with an associated global temperature rise of around six degrees.

So it looks like BP’s business model of investing in tar sands and other ‘unconventional oil’ only makes sense if you assume that the climate is going to be out of control by the end of the century. Not really ‘beyond petroleum’, is it?

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