Looking back at 2011… and on to 2012!

Rainbow Warrior 3


Over the course of  2011 Waveney Greenpeace has raised £16,205 for Greenpeace UK. Over its lifetime the group has raised over £134,000.

As usual, the two fairs and the Latitude greenpeace tent were great successes along with a number of other fundraising activities including a green pancake day.

Rainbow Warrior III

In October we had the chance to see where some of the funds we’ve raised have gone as the new Rainbow Warrior III was moored in London and a group went to visit the ship. It was a fantastic day, queues of people, buzzing atmosphere, great photographs of greenpeaces history, not to mention a truly spectacular, state-of-the-art ship. This really reminded people what a truly worthy cause the group has been fundraising for over the years.

Waveney Greenpeace Summer FairSummer Fair

This year the summer fair was held at Henham Park, a new and exciting site in a beautiful location. Comments from people on the day suggested that we had succeeded in keeping that “Greenpeace Fair” atmosphere at Henham and it was a great day enjoyed by all.

My personal highlights were the Samba band, Swingboats (which I thought were great) and lots of fantastic and eclectic acoustic music. It was wonderful to have been part of creating such an event and I was humbled at the amount of work, energy and passion that the group has put in over the many years of creating the greenpeace fairs.

Sadly, the summer fair will not be taking place at Henham this year. It is therefore homeless once again…



Liquid DnB Fundraiser flyer

Saturday 14th January @ Geldeston Locks

Winter Fair

The Winter Fair will be taking place on Saturday 25th February, St. Edmund’s hall, Southwold. For more info see the Winter Fair press release.

Summer Fair

There won’t be a summer fair as we know it this year because of a lack of suitable sites. However, we will be hosting a Summer fete and maintaining as much of the Summer fair’s awesome vibe as possible. We’re also working on some ideas for a variety of fundraising events during the year.

Hopefully, the Waveney Greenpeace Summer Fair  will return next year. Please get in contact with Eloise if you have any suggestions of suitable site (10 acres, including parking and suitable road access).

Fundraising Events

The first fundraising event of this year was a dance music night at the Geldeston Locks (facebook page).

There will also be a repeat of last year’s very successful Pancake day fundraiser on February 21st 2012. We’ll be posting details fo all out upcoming events on the website.


Can you cycle 1000 miles this year for Greenpeace?

Sponsorship Challenge

Waveney Greenpeace member Marion has posed the 1000 mile cycle challenge for 2012. Her goal is to get people to sponsor her to give up her car and cycle at least 1000 miles this year. She’s looking for others to join her!

If you’d like to take up the 1000 mile challenge, head on over to https://www.justgiving.com/greenpeace and create your own fund raising page or print out a copy of the paper sponsorship form.

More info: 1000 mile cycle challenge

Other ideas?

We are considering other ideas, such as a summer gig, auction of promises etc…

If you have any suggestions of  fundraising events you would like to see happen this year or would like to volunteer at Waveney Greenpeace events, please get in touch:

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